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In 2005, when Boracay began to bustle with tourist activity, a group of island-loving folk fell in love with a quiet, laid-back island corner called Bolabog.


Bolabog had started to gain international recognition for being a world-class windsurfing and kitesurfing spot. The neighborhood was quiet, far from the busy nightlife, yet close enough to have that indescribable old Boracay feel that captivated so many. So we saw an opportunity to build a small homestay right here; it was a means of sustaining a simple island life for our dogs and us while opening our doors to wind sports enthusiasts looking for cozy accommodations and Filipino hospitality.


What started out as a 4-bedroom passion project and the only accommodation option in Bulabog at the time has seen quite the evolution through the decades: The Lazy Dog Bed and
Breakfast now has 24 private rooms and 16 dorm beds built around a century-old tree, all thoughtfully designed using recycled and repurposed light materials whenever possible.


We’ve added modern touches along the way, but we’ve also made sure to retain that old Boracay vibe we fell in love with in the first place. We’d love to have you (and your pup!) over to experience a truly relaxing, slow-paced island life – Lazy Dog style.


Our little corner by Bolabog Beach isn’t just our home in Boracay – it’s yours, too.

Our Story

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