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Take a Plane!

You now have a choice of the most modern aircraft landing in the most modern airports (for this part of the world). Grab a flight from Cebu to Caticlan (CEB-MPH) or take off from Manila to Caticlan (MNL-MPH) or Kalibo (MNL-KLO). Several flights are available daily. Book online; four major airlines go this route. Prices vary depending on the time of year. Shop for air tickets way ahead and look for great deals.


Take the Road!

If you opt for the Kalibo flight, you must take an hour-and-a-half-long bus or van ride (P200 -P250 per person) to Caticlan boat port (we like to call it the Jetty port). If you take the Caticlan flight from the airport, though, it's a short trike ride to the jetty port (P50 per pax sharing, maximum of three passengers or P150 for one person.


Take the Boat!

Look for the line cue to buy the boat tickets at the port, and pay government fees for maintaining the terminal and helping the island keep itself clean (read: Environmental Fee). You'll need to sign in at the Tourist Desk before getting on the boat.

The boats leave as soon as they're filled every 5 to 10 minutes. The terminal Fee is P100 for locals; P200 for foreign visitors. Environmental Fee is P150 for locals and P300 for foreign visitors; the boat is P50 per person until 10 pm. Prices vary after 10 pm.

In less time than it takes to finish a SITCOM, you're stepping on the shores of BORACAY!!!
The final step would be to take the road (again)! You're almost there.

Map to The Lazy Dog Bed & Breakfast, Boracay

Once you step onto the port of Boracay, some people will greet you and offer you a ride… just say, "I'm going to LAZY DOG!!!" Then, they'll know how to get you there.
You can choose an e-trike or a four-wheeled van-type variety called a "multi-cab." The trike is suitable for up to three people comfortably with luggage(P150). The multicab for four or more (P250).

As you step through our gates, our resident dogs will greet you with a shake of the paw and a hearty ruff… and then all that travel, no matter how long it took… will all be worth it…



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